Consumer preferences are changing and are forcing brands to diversify. Packaging presents brand owners with a smart solution for offering product variations and generating consumer engagement. But in today’s fast-paced marketplace, developing packaging variations can be time consuming.

Do you want to respond faster with personalized products, but not give up the unique benefits of glass packaging ? Now you can… with O-I : EXPRESSIONS.

The case for personalization


2 in 3 consumers are more likely to buy products developed for their lifestyle, especially women, millennials, and consumers in emerging markets.

GlobalData TrendSights Analysis, April 2017

4 in 10 consumers have a more favorable perception of products featuring claims personalized to their needs.

GlobalData TrendSights Analysis, April 2017

On average, more than 1 in 3 of consumers is interested in purchasing personalized products or services.

Deloitte Consumer Review, 2015

1 in 4 consumers are willing to pay more for a personalized product or service.

Deloitte Consumer Review, 2015

Turn your glass packaging into a canvas…

O-I : EXPRESSIONS, a service that combining the integral benefits of glass with an agile, marketing-focused capability. It offers fast customization on smaller volumes, enabling limited editions, personalization, special artworks and promotional branding activities.

O-I : EXPRESSIONS RELIEF. A premium offering combining all the benefits of O-I : EXPRESSIONS with customized tactile effects, such as embossing and color embossing, with speed and ease.

Unleash your creativity

Unique capabilities, unique benefits

  • Unique brand building

    • True no label look
    • Photo quality graphics
    • More branding space
    • 1000s of standard CMYK colors (custom on request)
    • Tactile graphics capability
  • Extreme flexibility

    • True mass-customization (local & random)
    • Variable data integration
    • Short run capabilities
    • Unlimited design variations
    • Rapid market response capability
  • Sustainability

    • 100% recyclable
    • No labels sticking to glass
    • Organic inks (no heavy metals, no in-furnace issues)
    • UV curing (lower energy consumption)
    • Less wastage compared to labels
  • Speed2Market

    • Minimal print set-up
    • Flexible and fast New Product Development process (weeks vs months)
    • Lower risk product introductions and promotions
    • Graphical design services
    • Faster development time

Arty Gin

Aesthetic, Mass-personalization, Collaboration with Artists & Designers

By combining our Iconic Covet bottle with graphics from Carne Griffiths a true piece of packaging art is created. 
What is more, multiple designs can be produced in one print run, and different versions of each design can be created by playing with color accents and variations.

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Bella Vita

Aesthetic, Tactile effects, 360° Brand Messaging, Combining transparency & Opacity

This Lemonade evokes a calm day in beautiful, colorful Italy while the raised cityscape transports you to a relaxing Italian Café. Feel the diversity and history in the buildings and get lost in a paradise of la Bella Vita.

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Lee Kum Kee

Gifting, Aesthetic, 360° brand messaging

To mark the 130th Anniversary of Lee Kum Kee, O-I developed a commemorative & exclusive bottle for their leadership team. Every bottle was personalised, including well-wishes and words of blessing from O-I to Lee Kum Kee as they commemorated this important milestone in their corporate history.

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