Glass Benefits


Glass is all about the taste buds. It preserves and presents flavor exactly as intended. When you eat or drink something packaged in glass, youʼre experiencing the pure taste of that food or drink. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Glass is the most neutral and natural of packaging materials. It is as inert as packaging gets. When taste counts, glass wins.


Glass is pure. Itʼs non-reactive and safe to use over and over again. It doesnʼt stain or hold leftover flavors. Glass also acts as a natural barrier—itʼs virtually impermeable to oxygen, so glass helps keep foods and beverages fresh and full of their natural vitamins, minerals and other health benefits. It is easy to clean, sterilize and re-use—all increasingly important to a health-aware world.


Glass is made from three natural ingredients: sand, limestone and soda ash. It is the only package that is reusable as well as recyclable. And it doesnʼt break down into harmful chemicals in the earth or oceans.

When we use recycled glass to make new bottles, we use fewer raw materials and less energy. Globally, our glass products contain an average of 37 percent post-consumer recycled glass. In Europe, we have produced bottles made of up to 80 percent recycled glass. Learn more in our sustainability report.


Glass is the only packaging material that people are inspired to save, reuse, collect and display. Glass can take on a range of shapes, colors and textures. Itʼs beautiful. Itʼs memorable. Itʼs iconic. You can feel its quality in your hand.

Glass is also brand-building. It tells you that someone cares about the contents. Glass is at the core of building thousands of successful quality and premium brands.