Embossed push-ups

Premium elegance

The rise in the range of rosé wines observed in recent years has paved the way for a thorough reflection on a series of themes and, in particular, on packaging.

Embossed push-ups

To meet the need for premiumization and market differentiation, O-I is evolving its offer for premium rosés and has launched a new range engraved push-ups. This is an innovation that allows producers and wine merchants to stand out thanks to a distinctive sign visible on the bottom of the bottle: the embossed push-up or base. 

After filling the bottle with rosé wine, the embossing of the push-up appears transparently, giving the bottle its character and signature.

Initially, this innovation is offered on the MIRA range only with six different variations: Mira Dune, Mira Wave, Mira Leaf, Mira Shape, Mira Star and Mira Stones.