The Catalyst Collection

Your brand story is unique. Does your packaging bring it to life? Capture the essence of your brand in glass.

O-I's collection captures the character of brands and embodies them in a physical shape. These bottles spark an emotional connection with consumers that create lasting brand loyalty, and they're a premium cross-category solution -- from RTDs to sparkling water.

Disrupt the shelf by activating the unconscious

The Catalyst Collection was designed to transcend beverage categories to create new shapes and styles to stand out on shelves, connect with consumers, and activate the senses. The robust line offers a range of containers from 10z – 16oz with designs created to spark a connection with consumers and enhance the taste and flavor profile of your beverage.

This collection features containers with
O-I’s Drinktainer™ finish

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Latest Collection Additions

Introducing 2 containers designed specifically for coffee or kombucha. Each of these designs offer a wider-mouth opening to activate the senses & provide a multisensory consumption experience. They also specifically accounted for ergonomics and ease of use – backed by consumer preference data.

Resealable, grooves to grip, and wide mouth openings are just a few of the design features on the latest additions. And while each of these add incredible functionality, these features enhance the elements of each design, inspired by each specific motive. 

Design rooted in neuroscience

Through our partnership with Brand Aviators, we took a deep dive into understanding the driving forces behind consumer behavior. Based on their extensive research, they’ve identified that human emotions stem from 12 fundamental motives. These motives are rooted in biology and neuroscience and shape consumer behavior. Unconsciously. Each bottle in this collection was specifically designed with inspiration from each motive – for each beverage category – to better form an emotional connection with consumers, ultimately driving brand loyalty.

You spend years perfecting your beverage, yet you only have 3-7 seconds to make an impression on the shelf. Packaging is a key deciding factor for a consumer to choose your product. Packaging is not just a component of your brand, it is the physical representation of your brand.

Design Motives:


What story does your bottle tell?

We leverage our global design network to partner with brands and create the ideal bottle to represent your brand DNA & brand story.

Each bottle is infused with inspiration from around the globe, all while being rooted in manufacturing fundamentals to ensure these unique designs become practical reality.

Activating the Unconscious



  • Ideal for: Coffee, Cold Brew
  • Feature: Ergonomic design
  • Design Motive: Connect


  • Ideal for: Kombucha
  • Feature: Resealable, ergonomic design
  • Design Motive: Feel Safe


  • Ideal for: Beer
  • Feature: Asymmetrical design for multidimensional perspective
  • Design Motive: Defy


  • Ideal for: Beer
  • Feature: Lean & Green: 14% lighter
  • Design Motive: Balance


  • Ideal for: Beer, Seltzer
  • Feature: RipCap closure, widemouth opening
  • Design Motive: Connect


  • Ideal for: Kombucha, Seltzer, Beer
  • Feature: RipCap closure, widemouth opening
  • Design Motive: Balance