Consumers are demanding functionality, versatility and ease-of-use to meet their needs.

Brand owners and retailers are looking for ways to grow, transform and inject new life into their food products and categories.


O-I’s innovative VersaFlow™ designs offer functional benefits that eliminate hassles for consumers. VersaFlow’s unique pour-spout finish makes for an easier and less messy experience.

The unique carafe-look design of VersaFlow™ makes it beautifully tableworthy, allowing you to serve food straight out of the container. It offers a huge stimulus to reintroduce shop-to-table glass packaging for many food and dairy products, such as dressings, sauces, honey, milk, cream and juices.

Environmentally friendly

With an increasing awareness of the need to reduce food waste, VersaFlow™ offers an additional advantage. When a food product does not look clean, consumers often throw it away before it is all used. VersaFlow™ provides a cleaner pour, which helps consumers prevent food waste. In addition, glass is both an inert, natural material and 100% recyclable, making it the natural way to protect and preserve food and beverages.