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Beer packaging: choosing the right bottle for your beer

February 07, 2019

Among the most well-known proverbs is: “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” 

The meaning, of course, being that it’s the content that truly matters. And while there is much truth in those words, the rub is that people judge books by their covers all the time. That’s why cover art and design are such critical elements in sales. This is doubly true for packaging.


Beer packaging: choosing the right bottle for your beer - Part II

February 07, 2019

Packaging is at the intersection of numerous design choices that you must make. These decisions will impact the physical manifestation of your brand and will affect the total cost of goods.

Now we move on to consider how bottle shape and capacity work together with color and closure to ensure that your beer has the strongest shelf presence.


Beer packaging: choosing the right bottle for your beer - Part I

February 07, 2019

After crafting your finest brew, it’s time to think about the packaging that will deliver your creation to consumers. Beer packaging is the three-dimensional representation of your brand ethos. To your end-user, your beer and its package are inseparable. The package is the beer, and the beer is the package.


The art of brand building through packaging design

October 02, 2018

Packaging has long been a synthesis of form and function. As products on the shelves proliferate, brands need to differentiate more and more, and storytelling becomes critical. More than 70% of buying decisions are made in-store so packaging needs to tell that story at one glance. This article explains the variety of ways in which glass packaging design is influenced by factors outside the primary function of the pack.