Be inspired to choose glass

Beauty. Versatility. Health. Endless Recyclability. Sustainability. Purity... Glass inspires us to create innovative and modern brand-building packaging with a functional elegance and quality that exceed all other packaging materials. We are proud to say that O-I glass is the vessel of choice for many of the world's best-loved food and beverage brands.

A new service that combines the integral benefits of glass with an agile, marketing-focused capability.
Enhance how your consumers experience your brand by sculpting your glass packaging into brand-building multidimensional works of art.



Our Covet™ Classics Collection was created with your needs in mind, allowing small orders, quick deliveries and faster speed to market.

Covet™ brings the best of O-I's global capabilities, including custom glass design and decoration, a collection of classic O-I bottle designs and O-I's innovation portfolio to help high-end brands seize market opportunities.

The Covet collection