Success stories

Thumbnail Valdo Aquarius Frontale

Valdo Aquarius Special Edition Sparkling Wine’s Hand-Painted Design Comes to Life with O-I : EXPRESSIONS

The Valdo Aquarius Blanc de Blancs Special Edition sparkling wine is packaged in a glass bottle as luxurious and unique as the sparkling wine packaged inside.


Vattanac Embodies the Dragon with New Beer Launch

Vattanac Launched Dragon Premium Dark Beer in embossed glass packaging - technical design by O-I BJC Malaysia for a touch to a taste of Cambodia's Dark Beer. Product to perfection, rich taste but refreshing. 

Crocodile Dandy1

Joseph Castan Launches Premium Crocodile Dandy Rosé in ‘Mind Blowing’ Wine Bottle

Winery Joseph Castan has released a premium Crocodile Dandy Rosé wine in a showstopping bottle designed by O-I Glass. The wine bottle looks like crocodile skin and is perfect for fine dining or a chic party. 

Cantine Rubino

Italy’s Tenute Rubino Debuts New Palombara 2019 Wine in O-I’s Distinctive Sommelier Bottle

Palombara 2019 vintage from Italy’s Tenute Rubino is a distinctly modern wine created to celebrate human connection. Released in fall 2021, Palombara has a bold new look, supported by the Sommelier bottle from O-I Glass.  

Bac Range Lr

Bacardi Limited Edition 2021

The idea of creating the 2021 Limited Edition was to bring the consumers a taste of exploration in these difficult times. BACARDÍ Carta Blanca, Carta Oro, Carta Negra & Spiced have been launched in 4 key European markets, each of them wearing a decoration that displays the lush greenery of a paradisiac island.


A Beautiful Spiced Rum Bottle - for the Eye and the Earth

The Glasgow-based distillery, Jacobite Spirits, has recently launched their new rum – Charlie’s Chopper Clean Cut. Founded by a group of friends, Jacobite is as passionate about sustainability as it is about the rum it produces. The name Charlie’s Chopper is an ode to Bonnie Prince Charlie and his sword, and the glass packaging, created by O-I : EXPRESSIONS, elevates the brand’s story of premium and sustainability to stand out on the shelf. 

Rose So Chic

Rosé So Chic

Rosé So Chic is a new project by Vignerons des 3 Châteaux. Following the success of their other wine, Question d’Equilibre, the company decided to create a new premium edition. They wanted a bottle that would match the new wine’s chic character.



Vignoble des 3 Chateaux is a company that takes more playful approach to wine. When creating their new rosé, they named it “Copains comme poissons” referring to the French saying “copains comme cochons (Thick as Thieves) and wanted to design a bottle that would invite wine lovers to share with their friends.

Chateau Bas Close Up3

Château Bas

A new Rosé bottle for Château Bas, owned by Catherine CASTEJA and her children, tells the fascinating story of a Provençal winery built on a Gallo-Roman settlement, and conjures up the sunshine and spirit of conviviality associated with the wine.

Img 0030 Lr

A Story of Quality & Legacy for Côtes du Rhône villages PUYMERAS

A rich story of quality and legacy is inside every bottle of Puymeras Côtes du Rhône Villages Red. The dominating grape variety is grenache, the flagship grapes at Côtes du Rhône. Here it accompanies a very fragrant landscape : lavender, olive trees, scrubland…

Since 2005 this hilly vineyard in Provence has been recognized for the interest of its particular terroir and officially named as one of the 22 appelations of communal villages of the Côtes du Rhône.

Accorciamoledistanze 03

Conceptual Ferro 13 Wine Bottle ‘Shortens the Distance’ in Difficult Times

“Accorciamo le distanze”, which translates to “Shorten the distances,” seeks to bring people together through the gift of wine in a tactile glass bottle created through O-I : EXPRESSIONS RELIEF.


Alpro & Creostudios Collaborate with O-I : EXPRESSIONS at Brand Lab 2020

“La sostenibilità è nella nostra natura” “Sustainability is in our nature” is a conceptual project brought to life through glass packaging and the collaboration of the food brand Alpro, Creostudios design agency and O-I : EXPRESSIONS. 


Elegance and Sustainability Shine for ‘White Condiments’ from Società Agricola Acetomodena

Brand Revolution Lab 2020 brought together Italy’s Società Agricola Acetomodena, Lateral Creative Hub design agency in Milan, Italy, and O-I : EXPRESSIONS to collaborate on conceptual packaging design based on Acetomodena's new White Condiments line. 

Old Nick Amb 2 B

Old Nick

Welcoming, warm and caring, Old Nick Limited Edition 2021 Rum represents Caribbean culture in all its richness and diversity. The brand partnered with O-I: EXPRESSIONS to create packaging that embodies its story.


Château Citran

Château Citran is located on the left bank of France’s Bordeaux wine region dating back to the 13th century. The region is rich in wine growing areas and Château Citran intends to keep the land pristine and prosperous by focusing on sustainable agriculture and other environmentally-friendly practices. Their new wine bottle captures the brand’s refined story as well as its commitment to nature. 

01 Etiqueta Ta Rosado

TA by Tierra Aranda

Tierra Aranda is a Spanish winery founded more than 50 years ago as a family project. Thanks to many partners contributing their knowledge and wisdom, the company has surpassed its objectives to an astonishing level granting a unique personality to create different and special wines.

In 2020 they decided to introduce a new product, ‘ta’, the fruit of collaboration between all the employees of the winery. ‘ta’ is a recently elaborated wine that is completely different from the traditional rosé. Because of the direct pressing after just a few hours of maceration and a long storage in concrete tanks it acquires a refined and elegant taste.

Benriach Ecat Feature Crop 1

O-I Produces First Special Edition Bottles for BenRiach Scotch Whisky

BenRiach distillery in Scotland has released its special edition scotch whisky. The bottles are a success story of a longstanding partnership between O-I Glass and Brown-Forman, BenRiach’s parent company. 

Img 0030 2 Lr

Vallée du Roi

Domaine de la Commanderie is a family business founded in 1982 by Philippe Pain. This passionate winemaker cultivates his vineyard in the heart of the Loire Valley with his daughters, Clothilde and Honorine, all according to tradition and respect for the environment. 


Bodegas El Grifo

Bodegas El Grifo, a customer of O-I distributor Grupo Juvasa, decided to design a limited-edition bottle to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of César Manrique, the talented Canarian artist. The wine that was chosen is Lías, an exclusive white wine from Lanzarote (Manrique’s birthplace), which has been named in honor of the artist as “Malvasía de César”.

Aghione Packshot

Vignerons d’Aghione - Cuvée Excellence

Vignerons d’Aghione is a leading wine producer from Corsica. One of their strategic innovations in their portfolio is the “Cuvée Excellence”, a sulfate-free sparkling wine. As Aghione wanted to boost the image of the cuvée and transform its packaging to provide it premium appeal, they approached O-I.  

Veritas Roig

Veritas Roig

This Mallorca’s winery celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2020 and is led by the fourth generation of the family. Throughout its history, it has been always into the innovation and one example of this is its interest in O-I : EXPRESSIONS. The company decided to use the digital printing technique for the new packaging of  its Veritas Roig rosé wine: a monovarietal wine made from the native Mantonegro grape, inspired by the strength of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a wine that has been very well received in the market, achieving great success and becoming one of the customers' favorites.

Saint Véran Révélis 2017

Vignerons des Terres Secrètes - Révélis

Vignerons des Terres Secrètes is a winery located in the enchanting terroirs of south Burgundy. It took them five years to create this haute couture Chardonnay, Révélis, the quintessence of their production. Révélis Saint Véran 2017 is an exceptional blend of 5 terroirs carefully chosen by the winemakers. It brings together the know-how, the knowledge of their soils and their wish to experiment and create a perfect wine.

Aguacana Cachaca Bottle

Aguacana - L'ode au Brésil

Cachaça, a symbol of national identity in Brazil, is a distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice. Most frequently consumed in the popular Caïpirinha cocktail, it recalls its country of origin, Brazil, a land of relaxation, diversity, music and pleasure.

Bonpas Feature Image

O-I Designs Lighter Weight Bonpas Wine Bottle for Boisset

Beauty and brand recognition wrapped into a lighter wine bottle. 

Colcafe Rotator External Feature

Colcafé, O-I Partner to Bring Sustainability Message to Life on Instagram

Colcafé and O-I work side-by-side to create marketing campaigns that resonate with shoppers and connect to the sustainability of the coffee brand’s iconic glass jar.

Pieroth Rotator 1

Distinctive Pieroth Blue Wine Bottles Redesigned

In collaboration with O-I and with a careful attention to detail, the two brands have created a conversation-starting bottle that’s fit for the center of any table. 

Haage Haanja Klaas Kombo Estonia Water Bottle Square Crop Ecat

Local and Sustainable Glass Water Bottles Are Natural Fit for Estonian Mineral Water Company

During a time when shoppers say local, sustainable products are more important than ever, one Estonian beverage company is seamlessly bringing the two together with its water bottles. 

Vita Cola 1080X1080

Vita Cola Rolls Out Smaller but Mighty Refillable Glass Bottle from O-I

Vita Cola, a 60-year-old German cola brand, turns to O-I Glass to create a new glass bottle aimed at younger drinkers.

Draco Gin

Draco Gin

Draco Gin’s “out of the ordinary” digital launch for Néroli sees success thanks to appealing O-I bottle design

Bacardi Rum O I Expressions


Limited editions are increasingly important in maintaining brand relevance with consumers. That is why BACARDÍ rum decided to partner with O-I : EXPRESSIONS to produce a stunning digitally printed bottle design unlocking a Caribbean encounter. The brand’s Caribbean spirit is the heart of the promotion, starting with the bottle’s graphic design.

True Fruits Ingwer Shots

True Fruits Ginger Shots​

When German fruit smoothie company true fruits wanted to package a new fruit “shot” that connected with shoppers looking for health benefits and sustainability, they turned to their longtime partners at O-I Glass.

Inspiration Rose Par Gm 4751

Maison Gabriel Meffre

This family winery, founded in Gigondas in 1936 by Gabriel Meffre, quickly became one of the most important wine brands in the south of France. Despite its long history, the brand is very open to innovation, so they decided to work with O-I : EXPRESSIONS for their project “Inspiration”. 

Img 0023 Lr

IWSC 50th anniversary

The International Wine and Spirits Competition celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019 and needed a unique packaging for their special whisky blend created for this occasion. The team at O-I proposed a design demonstrating the full capability of O-I : EXPRESSIONS. 

Img 0017 B Lr

Jolis Bracelets

VD3C was already in a creation phase of standard labels for their top product, AOP Languedoc rosé, when O-I : EXPRESSIONS was presented to them. The goal was to create an interesting range of products, with an original and attractive design. 

Harmalia Lr


Domaines Pierre Chavin is a brand owner, established in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, with a strong focus on bringing innovation to their wine portfolio. They were adamant to become an early mover on O-I : EXPRESSIONS as it allows them to personalize their bottles and adapt them to the needs and requirements of their export markets and customers.

Belle Pomelle Lr

Belle Pomelle

RHONEA, a group of cooperative winemakers in the southern Rhone Valley, wanted to provide a new momentum for their emblematic rose wine Belle Pomelle and after seeing the possibilities offered by O-I : EXPRESSIONS, their choice was quickly made. With the help of the O-I designers, the graphics of the bottle were boosted without compromising the essence of the original design. Thanks to O-I : EXPRESSIONS RELIEF, the lace pattern gained in detail and finesse, and acquired a haptic effect. 

Img 0085 Lr

Pete's Natural

Pete's Natural, a firm believer of glass packaging, chose the Infinite bottle for their new offering: a 300ml sparkling water, that is all about the purity and quality of their water.

Img 0034 Lr

6th agency for Betto

Betto is a Sicilian pastry shop and deli in Milan aiming to boost sales through establishing a take-away offering. They worked with 6th to design a premium and collectable packaging range for their customers. For their granita (a traditional Sicilian semi-frozen dessert), the agency selected a standard glass jar to be decorated with 26 different illustrations. Each of them features a letter of the alphabet and details recalling to Sicilian tradition, allowing Betto’s clients to compose names, words and even entire phrases. An elegant colorful embossing of each letter was realized through O-I : EXPRESSIONS.

Gulfi 1 Fr Lr

Coo'ee agency for Cantina Gulfi

Cantina Gulfi stands not only for three great wines but also for story of traditions, excellence and territory. The concept of the packaging, created by Coo’ee Italia, refers to the areas of cultivation of the different vineyards and highlights the capabilities of O-I : EXPRESSIONS for extreme customization and limited edition packaging. 

Img 0022 Lr

H2H agency for Mercedes-Benz Oil

H2H agency chose O-I : EXPRESSIONS to create a new packaging concept for a premium engine oil by Mercedes-Benz Italy, a symbol of technological and performance innovation. Logo, brand and product name in RELIEF, joined by the iconic black handprint of a mechanic, give the container a premium touch and feel. Each of bottles was personalized with every customer’s name, providing a superior and individualized experience. 


Alumni Whisky Series

Corby Spirit and Wine Limited , a Pernod Ricard Company, released a new limited edition Canadian whisky honoring some of Canada’s most admired retired professional hockey players.

Millie Bottles Yellow Background


O-I Millie helps juices drive health and sustainability message.

O-I has created Millie, a new glass packaging solution for drinks and snacks operation Emma & Tom's, teaming up with the Australian Beverage Council, brand agency Voice, and Monash University.



Toniq is a response to the demanding consumers who are looking for healthy and stylish drinking experience. Light and sparkling coconut water is enriched with magnesium, ginger juice and probiotics. It’s a new approach to sports drinks completely different from sugar-heavy products packed in plastic bottles. 

Wither Hills1

Wither Hills

The mission of new wine bottle was to refine the tasting experience of wine from Wither Hills winery. O-I: Expressions was a perfect answer to the company needs, providing a modern and premium way to take the wine from the keg to the table. The personalization of the bottle allowed to think outside-the-label leading to an unconventional, simple yet beautiful project that quickly gained the interest of customers. The new packaging is personalised on-premise that helps to reduce the standard NPD time.

Bowl Tf V5

True fruits

With the new smoothie bowls, true fruits is the first German company to bring the fruity breakfast trend to the supermarket shelf in ready-to-eat form. 

Bellavita Bottle Card

Bella Vita

This Lemonade evokes a calm day in beautiful, colorful Italy while the raised cityscape transports you to a relaxing Italian Café. Feel the diversity and history in the buildings and get lost in a paradise of la Bella Vita.

Leekumkee 04

Lee Kum Kee

To mark the 130th Anniversary of Lee Kum Kee, O-I developed a commemorative & exclusive bottle for their leadership team. Every bottle was personalised, including well-wishes and words of blessing from O-I to Lee Kum Kee as they commemorated this important milestone in their corporate history.

Artygin Bottles

Arty Gin

By combining our Iconic Covet bottle with graphics from Carne Griffiths a true piece of packaging art is created. 
What is more, multiple designs can be produced in one print run, and different versions of each design can be created by playing with color accents and variations.

Pot Fdm 2018

La Fermière

In this limited edition launched for Mother’s Day, La Fermière created an object dedicated to all mothers, celebrating love and family.

San Giuliano Bottles

Oleificio San Giuliano

Sardinia’s premium oil segment is increasingly competitive and brands need to renew their image regularly to maintain their position and stay ahead of ‘Me Too’ products.

Oui By Yoplait1

Oui by Yoplait

The French yogurt method consists of pouring these simple ingredients into the pot and leave it to set for eight hours… and voilà! It transforms into a deliciously thick yogurt!

Img 0098 Min


The new pack offered Yoplait a high-quality solution, which combined a beautiful glass jar, produced in Puy-Guillaume, with sleeve decoration, applied in nearby Innoval.

Img 0047 Min


Dairy competition is very high in countries like Peru. Danlac stands out in the crowded market leveraging their products, made of 100% pure milk and 100% natural.

Aj 2 Bottles

Aunt Jean's Dairy

Launching a new product in the fast-moving consumer goods space is no mean feat. Aunt Jean’s Dairy wanted to strengthen the link between their product with its real origin: the cows.

Santero Thumb


Santero’s owners are very design-oriented and strive constantly to offer their customers extraordinary and attractive packaging for both domestic and export markets.

Hungary Milk 2016 Eu3

Cserpes Sajtmuhely

Cserpes Sajtmuhely wanted to leverage the potential of growing market by launching non-allergenic dairy products, in glass – a packaging that would support both the new range’s health and environment story and the overall brand image.

Bottigliafondo Bianco Big Con Firmasopra

Latte Tigullio Centro Latte Rapallo

Latte Tigullio Centro Latte Rapallo wanted to create a limited edition bottle to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the death of Emanuele Luzzati, with whom they collaborated for many years. 

The Antiquary Thumb

The Antiquary

The Antiquary Blended Scotch whisky range’s redesign was aimed to illustrate the brand’s claim to be ‘a cut above’ due to the high proportion of malt whiskies contained in its blended recipes.

Img 0091


To differentiate on shelf vs other craft brewers, Tuatara wanted a bottle that featured the scales of a Tuatara, a form of lizard that is endemic to New Zealand.

Wee Isle Thumb

Wee Isle Dairy

Determined to find packaging that reflected its values, Wee Isle Dairy asked O-I whether it could provide a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic and waxed cartons.

Teachers Thumb

Teacher's Scotch Whisky

Beam Suntory sought a packaging restage to modernise the brand and emphasise the Scottish provenance of Teacher’s, which is increasingly important to customers looking for brands with an authentic sense of history. 

Lux Vodka

LUX Black Label

LUX Black Label is a new ultra-premium vodka, made by independent distillery LUX COPPER HOUSE. Seven times distilled from the finest British ingredients and bottled on the historic 14th Century Copped Hall estate, the brand competes in exclusive retail, high end bars, restaurants and clubs in the UK and worldwide.

Monini Thumb


Not all partnerships are based on new product developments in isolation. Sometimes, they embody a much deeper relationship between O-I and its customers.

Drusian Bottle

Drusian prosecco

Drusian briefed O-I to develop a new customized bottle to distinguish its “Cartizze Superiore” wine from the competition.

Cutty Sark Thumb Dark

La Martiniquaise

La Martiniquaise spotted an opportunity to expand its Cutty Sark brand portfolio through the US on-trade, where whisky chasers were becoming popular again thanks to TV programmes like ‘Mad Men’.

Clan Campbel thumb

Clan Campbell

In a highly competitive context, where differentiation, value and increased speed of innovation are key to being successful, drinks giant Pernod Ricard approached O-I as lead developer for its new Clan Campbell glass bottle.

Adnams Bottle


Adnams, an award-winning brewer, retailer and distiller based in Southwold on the Suffolk Coast of the UK, has long been a leader in sustainable beer production.

Cescon Thumb


Italo Cescon is a family owned and operated winery, established in 1957 in the Veneto region of north-eastern Italy. Valuing tradition, passion and innovation, the range of wines produced are a true reflection of these values, and an example of the quality of Italian viniculture.

Glen Grant Thumb

Glen Grant

To celebrate the addition of two new variants, Glen Grant needed new packaging to highlight the brand’s unique process, its quality credentials and rich history. 


When collaborating with our clients, exquisite, beautiful things emerge. Our design department brings their expertise to each project to create the ultimate package for the finest products and plays a vital role in brand differentiation and point-of-purchase decision making.

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