Still Wines

O-I’s glass bottles reflect the same passion and handcrafted details of the wines they hold and offers a spectrum of possibilities through a large variety of shapes, colours, printing and finishing options.

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Sparkling Wines

Unique bottles, for sparkling wines that combine tradition, ambition and innovation.

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Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Unrivalled transparency and purity. Our packaging options cover a wide array of shapes, sizes and colors that enhance the image of any beverage product. Whether it’s soda, juice, milk, ready-to-drink coffee or bottled water.

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Our game-changing creativity and technical expertise has resulted in some of the world’s most innovative beer bottles, built together with global partners and craft and microbreweries alike.

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Food served from glass tastes better, looks better and feels better. Our glass food packaging combines secure, optimum protection with compelling, beautiful design; key elements that drive consumer preferences and expectations.

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O-I’s commitment to creating spirits bottles that celebrate brand essence and uniqueness can be found across nearly every genre. Our bottles have an infinite amount of customization options, ranging from design, shapes and sizes to colors.

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Customize your glass packaging with speed and ease, and with an unprecedented range of color and design possibilities.

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