Drinktainer™ To-Go

Extend Your Taproom with the Next Level of Beer To-Go

When you add Drinktainer to your to-go options, you give your customers even more ways to take the taproom home. Some breweries are creating mix and match 4- and 6-packs to give beer lovers a similar volume as a growler or crowler, but with more variety of flavors. Drinktainer gives you a premium beer consumption experience that delivers full flavor and aroma straight from the container -- no extra glassware required.


Drinktainer™ To-Go

Elevate your to-go program

The packaging solution that offers a new way to take the bar or taproom

The future of cocktails and beer to-go is here. Consumers love to-go options and enjoy the dining out experience, even if they have to recreate it from home. The Drinktainer™ is a single-serve to-go glass container that uses a wide-mouth opening to enhance the aroma and flavor. Cocktail and beer lovers can enjoy the on-premise experience at home without an extra glass.


Single-serve and ready-to-drink means less waste and more trialing opportunities.

Drinktainer™ is an innovative, recyclable drinking container created for bars, restaurants, and brewery taprooms to differentiate to-go services. It captures the on-premise experience so bars and restaurants can fill and seal a single-serve container with draft beer, or fresh cocktails, that would typically be limited to on-premise consumption. No canning line. No shipping. More flexibility.

  • Full-sensory consumption experience with a 42mm wide-mouth opening and RipCap® closure
  • Single-serve
  • Creates trialing opportunities
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Available for all beverages to be enjoyed straight from the package – no extra glass needed
Tekela Mexican Cocina y Cantina pilots the new Drinktainer™ To-Go


Premium for consumers. Simplified for you.

With the Drinktainer™, you'll have options to expand your reach and services for a new revenue stream – integrating it into your operations is easy. The wide-mouth opening makes filling simple, and the single-serve design highlights portability while reducing beverage waste. Filling a Drinktainer and sealing with a RipCap® is easy and seamless to implement in your taprooms. Drinktainer was designed with the consumers' experience in mind and manufactured for practical implementation.

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RipCap® Closure: These closures work best with the Drinktainer since it's the largest commercially available closure to handle pressure and keep carbonation. The RipCap closure is an easy-to-use, wide-mouth ring pull cap suitable for use on a variety of beverages. RipCap closures are easily opened by the consumer, no tools required.

- Specifications: RipCap closures offer excellent product protection and are highly tamper evident in a one-piece closure, delivering +FK pressure testing.

  • STD: Pressure retention 6.5 bar (94psi)  |  Opening force: 2.4kg
  • HP: Pressure retention 7.5 bar (108psi)  |  Opening force: 2.6kg
  • Closure Application: Sealing a Drinktainer is simple and like a crown application, through either a manual or automated closure conversion kit. Manual closure unit measures:
  • Width: 9.25”
  • Depth: 9.65”
  • Height: 21.46”
  • Weight: 22.5 lbs

Conversion kits are available through closure application suppliers and are customizable per individual brewery capping setup.

- Maintenance & Cleaning: Minimal maintenance and upkeep is needed with usage. No special cleaning products or materials are required.


The Drinktainer™ is part of our new Catalyst Collection, designed around sparking connections with consumers by capturing a brand’s essence, backed by neuroscience.

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