Evolving Landscapes

Ni Hao

Wine consumption in China continues to grow and evolve, but to sell wine in China, you need to tell a story, and it all begins with the bottle.

Back in 2013, O-I had partnered with UBI-France (now Business France Export) to survey both wine distributors and consumers in China.

The research found that the primary consideration for distributors when selecting a wine is the country of origin of the wine, followed by price, taste and appellation. What is more, the shape of the bottle was cited as the fifth most important criteria, ahead of the type of wine, which ranked 8th. An authentic bottle shape reinforces the symbolic and social value of the wine.

Another interesting fact is that while Chinese consumers still prefer natural cork over screw cap closures, they do not always master the technic of the corkscrew. And this can make the ritual of opening the bottle a stressful moment.  Coined as “the best of both worlds” -  the authenticity of the cork from the traditional wine world and the innovative world of easy opening and resealing - Helix scored high amongst Chinese consumers.