Sensory & indulgence


The recent popularity of classic retro cocktails blew the thin layer of dust off of the gin bottles. And gin is back with a vengeance. Modern gins are made for the more refined palate. They are distilled in small scale, using high quality ingredients and a lot of care and attention to make their brand stand out.

The rise in craft distilleries is in many ways the driving force behind the trend.  A passion which drives the distiller to focus his attention on every drop he produces to create a gin with a unique personality. This human story is the very reason why consumers are relating with the products.

Unlike whiskey or vodka, gin is made to mix. Its rich variety in taste and multifunctional use in mixology make it the go-to spirit for bartenders. This trend resonates with consumers, especially millennials, making gin the spirit of the year in 2016. Some sources even expect gin to out-sell whiskey by 2020.