Distinctive Pieroth Blue Wine Bottles Redesigned

Sleek, distinctive, and with a stunning blue hue, Pieroth Wein AG’s “Wines from the Nahe” line is getting an elegant makeover. Embossed specifically for the “Pieroth Blue” wine line, the newly-designed glass bottle celebrates the brand’s home region. In collaboration with O-I and with a careful attention to detail, the two brands have created a conversation-starting bottle that’s fit for the center of any table.  

Distinctive Pieroth Blue Wine Bottles Redesigned

The .75 litre blue glass wine bottle has minimalist embossing with the Pieroth logo on the neck and is decorated with the house label on the belly. The slender blue bottle radiates a cool elegance.  

The blue wine bottles have been a tradition since 1976, giving it international recognizability. Cobalt oxide from the sand of the Nahe river, historically used to create the bottle, naturally provides an iconic blue-green bottle color. And the blue glass doesn’t just look good, it’s good for the wine, too. It protects its content from light, preserving the quality of Pieroth’s Qba, Kabinett, Spätlese and Auslese wines.  

Pieroth and O-I have a long-standing relationship going back to the 1990s, when O-I produced millions of Pieroth’s “pyramid bottles.” With a shared passion for innovation, the two brands are collaborating again.  

“We have been working together with O-I for a long time now in a very solution-oriented and cooperative way. We appreciate the open communication, the professionalism and the innovative spirit of the design and product team. They share the same values and pride in their work as we do,” Dirk Friesenhahn, Operations Manager at Pieroth Wein AG, says. “Currently the focus is on building up the Pieroth brand for our group of companies, so embossing the blue bottle with the Pieroth logo was a logical step.” 

Each eye-catching bottle has a story to tell and wine lovers around the world will be intrigued to open the book and find out more. The blue wine line includes four selections from Pieroth: Qba, Kabinett, Spätlese and Auslese. The new wine bottles will roll out first in Japan in September – a country where the blue bottle has cult status among wine lovers. Pieroth will then introduce it in other markets, including the Unites States and Britain.