Domaines Pierre Chavin is a brand owner, established in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, with a strong focus on bringing innovation to their wine portfolio. They were adamant to become an early mover on O-I : EXPRESSIONS as it allows them to personalize their bottles and adapt them to the needs and requirements of their export markets and customers.

The first collaboration involved the 2018 limited edition of their Harmalia wine. The bottle was personalized according to the needs of their Chinese importer with a colorful graphical design, including a printed debossing effect. It was successfully launched to the market, attracting consumers. “As the market response to this pilot project was very positive, we are currently exploring how to continue our cooperation with O-I by launching new O-I : EXPRESSIONS projects onto the market” – claims Mathilde Boulachin, the founding partner of Pierre Chavin.

  • Aesthetic
    • Precise printing of text & fine graphical details
    • High-definition printing
    • Reproducing graphical designs and other artworks on glass bottles
  • Tactile effects
    • Activating consumers by the sense of touch
    • Premium appeal through O-I : EXPRESSIONS RELIEF printing 
    • Integration of Logos & Key Brand message
    • Precise printing of small fonts

Unleash your creativity with O-I : EXPRESSIONS

A new service that combines the integral benefits of glass with an agile, marketing-focused capability.
Enhance how your consumers experience your brand by sculpting your glass packaging into brand-building multidimensional works of art.