True Fruits Ginger Shots​

O-I Designs Tiny 99ml Glass Bottle for True Fruits Ginger Shots

When German fruit smoothie company true fruits wanted to package a new fruit “shot” that connected with shoppers looking for health benefits and sustainability, they turned to their longtime partners at O-I Glass.

True Fruits Ginger Shots​

O-I and true fruits have been working together since 2005 when the company’s founders developed their first fruit smoothie for the German market. Since then, glass packaging has been part of the brand identity, reinforcing its motto: “True fruits, no tricks.”

Glass packaging connects with true fruits’ target consumers: environmentally and health conscious shoppers. Not only is glass is endlessly recyclable, but it’s virtually inert and doesn’t change the taste of the foods and beverages it holds.

True fruits’ developed new ginger shots, which tout all-natural ingredients along with ginger’s immunity-building properties. The ginger shots hit supermarkets this spring in innovative 99ml white glass jars designed by O-I.

Not only does the glass jar align with true fruits health and wellness ethos, but it was also designed with sustainability in mind. The bottle has the same diameter and mouth size as the 250 ml smoothie bottles, so the same medal lids can be used for both. In turn, this ensures empty shot glasses can be combined with the seven different stainless steel bottle attachments from true fruit for upcycling. Another way the package is built to be sustainable is the food contents label is made using ceramic printing to avoid creating waste.

“Customers should fall in love with the shot right on the shelf and with the first sip. We experimented a lot in the design and development phase: How should the size ratio of the ginger shots be compared to the familiar true fruits smoothie bottle? We choose the same mouth, a different diameter--the recognition effect should be guaranteed in any case.”

Steffi Lenz Leader of Design Services at O-I

Though the bottle itself is small, the technical hurdles were not.

“It is not easy to produce such a bottle in small batches first; it takes specialists. We are proud of how well it worked and to hold the finished product in our hands, ”explains Stefan Monden, Head of Product Development at O-I in Holzminden, which was responsible for producing the true fruits ginger shot bottles.

True fruits released two versions of its ginger shots in mid-April: ginger shot “yellow” with ginger, apple, agave syrup, lime and acerola, along with ginger shot “red” with ginger, raspberry, currant, agave syrup, lime, beetroot, acerola and apple.