Oleificio San Giuliano

Sardinia’s premium oil segment is increasingly competitive and brands need to renew their image regularly to maintain their position and stay ahead of ‘Me Too’ products.

Market leader Oleificio san Giuliano is an ancient and traditional top quality extra virgin olive oil producer in Sardinia. It wanted its flagship Cuor d’Olio brand, to highlight the island tradition and its roots in the region.

Oleificio San Giuliano

We have worked with O-I to develop this new packaging to position the brand more effectively in the premium segment. The new pack makes Cuor d’Olio stand out on shelf and conveys the ancient heritage of our brand – it’s a real Sardinian classic.

Oleificio San Giuliano di Domenico Manca

The design chosen echoed one of Sardinia’s most well-known cultural pieces – the swirling skirts of traditional the island’s folk dresses.