Contemporary Collection

Elevate your spirits

Premium, sustainable and customisable, our European contemporary range is the perfect way to tell your brand’s story.

Drawing on our global expertise of creating premium packages, O-I has developed a new portfolio that meets today’s consumer needs for a premium consumption experience in combination with a sustainable packaging.

A new range of bottles, adapted to today’s market & packaging needs.

Our Contemporary Collection features a range of standard spirits bottles with distinctive modern styling that instinctively draws the attention to the sublime liquid inside, and that can be customized to tell your brand’s unique story.

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Contemporary signature design

The first family to be released in our European contemporary standard range consists of three 70cl models in regular flint glass: LUX, NOBLE, ATTENUA.

The packages feature a debossed ring which elevates and frames the precious liquid inside, and a domed push up bottom which catches and reflects the light. Each bottle is available in a regular version and a lightweight version, which retains this signature design while using less glass in the base.

The packages have been designed to meet the specific needs of the European market with a series of technical features:

  • High fill point in neck (vacuity 3.5%), meeting consumers’ expectations of a visibly full bottle
  • Label protection to ensure labels remain smooth even if they touch during transit
  • Two different orientation features (mechanical and optical), optimising the packages for filling lines 

What can the European contemporary range offer you?

Sustainable, but no less premium

Made in the UK, the packages are composed of regular flint instead of extra or cosmetic flint, and can therefore include up to 33% recycled glass. Our lightweight packages offer a weight reduction of 20%, requiring less energy to manufacture and transport. These factors enable you to respond to consumers’ growing desire for more sustainable packaging and, at the same time, reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

A growing family 

Following the launch of our first three packages, O-I plans to extend the European contemporary standard range with further collections, including sizes from 50ml up to 1l, and a range of different colour options.

Speed to market

With no minimum order quantities, and stock available when you need it, the new range gives you the flexibility to react quickly to market trends and opportunities.

From small runs to high-speed filling lines

Optimised for fast industrial filling lines, the packages meet the needs of smaller producers who want to package at low volume and scale up as their brand grows.

Our standard bottles can be enhanced and customised through O-I: EXPRESSIONS

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- opaque, embossed logo type and outlines

- translucent sail and fog



- opaque, embossed logo  type and outline drawings
- translucent fill in colors



- transparent, embossed logo type / tiles

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