A Beautiful Spiced Rum Bottle - for the Eye and the Earth

The Glasgow-based distillery, Jacobite Spirits, has recently launched their new rum – Charlie’s Chopper Clean Cut. Founded by a group of friends, Jacobite is as passionate about sustainability as it is about the rum it produces. The name Charlie’s Chopper is an ode to Bonnie Prince Charlie and his sword, and the glass packaging, created by O-I : EXPRESSIONS, elevates the brand’s story of premium and sustainability to stand out on the shelf. 

The bottle is part of O-I’s new Contemporary Collection, which aims to help brands who want sustainable packaging that is also premium. Charlie’s Chopper Clean Cut glass bottles are made with 20% less glass than other premium bottles. They also contain around 33% recycled glass, which means that it is not just lighter, but also less resource and energy intensive to manufacture.

The design of the bottle includes four C’s in a diamond shape – which represents the name of the product and also the Jacobite diamond. There are also references to the silverwork of the Prince’s sword, specifically the pattern on the weapon’s hilt.

The graphics on the rum bottle were made with O-I : EXPRESSIONS innovative technology that replaces a traditional label with digital printing on glass. Forgoing a label means less waste and the UV curing also means less energy consumption in the printing process. Thanks to O-I : EXPRESSIONS RELIEF, a tactile effect has been added without the need to create a special mould.

“We believe that with great rum comes great responsibility. Jacobite Spirits is a young company and we’ve tried our best to do things sustainably and source locally, but it’s time to step it up. We can’t just be talking about this or making minor gestures. Don’t just say it, do it – that has to be our approach.” says Jamie Smith, the company’s co-founder. Charlie’s Chopper Clean Cut bottle demonstrates how O-I is innovating glass packaging to provide customers the solutions they need to meet their sustainability goals. 

    • Precise printing of text & fine graphical details
    • Reproducing graphical designs and other artworks on glass bottles
    • Activating consumers by the sense of touch
    • Integration of Logos & Key Brand message
    • Full body decoration
    • High-definition printing
A Beautiful Spiced Rum Bottle - for the Eye and the Earth