Sommelier Concept: elegance and functionality

Sommelier Concept redefines the combination of aesthetics and functionality, making the bottles unique.

Sommelier Concept: elegance and functionality


Sommelier is not just a new finish, but a complete concept that highlights the silhouette and the perceived quality of the bottle, while offering real functional benefits.

The innovation is linked to the neck of the bottle, which is in fact redesigned, as opposed to the classic standard, according to a new concept that enhances the elegance and style of the container: in fact, the interruption of the neck profile due to the ring, a technical requisite considered essential by glass producers until now, is eliminated and in this new model it is incorporated into the glass of the mouth, now seamlessly connected to the body of the bottle. 


The ring and the neck of the "Sommelier Concept" bottle are now a single element, which significantly changes the external aspect of the neck and of the closure, as well as the line of the bottle itself, making it more fluid and dynamic.

The premium aspect is also given to the bottle by the thickness of the neck, which is slightly thicker than standard containers, whereas the internal diameter remains unchanged. This is a very important element for bottling companies as it does not require any modification to the packaging systems, just as standard caps and capsules can continue to be used. 


The precise groove favors the opening of the capsule, making the gesture simpler, more precise and natural. In this way, the lower part of the capsule remains perfectly finished, which is not the case with the traditional ring. 


Much more than a simple glass ring, the Sommelier design represents a new concept for a new consumer experience.

The new bottles O-I Sommelier were awarded during the 25th Vinitaly Design International Packaging Competition. The special prize “Coordinated Image 2021” was given to the wine company Novaripa located at Ripa Teatina (Abruzzo) that chose the new silhouette proposed by O-I for their wines Trebbiano and Montepulciano.

The aim of the competition is to highlight the best packaging design for wine and other products, recognizing the efforts made by the competing companies in the continuous improvement of their own image. The packaging solutions presented were judged by a commission of creative designers and managers at international level.    

“The awarded bottles are meant for the Horeca channel and are part of a re-design project that Novaripa is pursuing with determination "- commented Erica Ciccone, Sales and Marketing Director of Novaripa -" We have chosen the new Sommelier bottles proposed by O-I for their innovative design, which undoubtedly helps to communicate the value of our wines. In addition, the special anti-drip ring adds a really interesting functional aspect to the packaging”

“We are proud to have contributed to the success of Novaripa as supplier of such an innovative container. Our mission is to work hand in hand with our customers helping them to build and consolidate their brands through innovative glass packaging solutions that convey an appealing look and feel to consumers” – says Ernesto Ghigna, European Wine Marketing Manager at O-I

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