Italy’s Tenute Rubino Debuts New Palombara 2019 Wine in O-I’s Distinctive Sommelier Bottle

Palombara 2019 vintage from Italy’s Tenute Rubino is a distinctly modern wine created to celebrate human connection. Released in fall 2021, Palombara has a bold new look, supported by the Sommelier bottle from O-I Glass.  

Palombara 2019 targets a young audience that is attentive to territoriality and oenological interpretation but interested in consuming the wine as opposed to storing it. This audience influenced the decision to commission an artist's work for the label, symbolizing restarting and wanting to do things with passion and enthusiasm.The label features Brindisi artist Dino Sambiasi, whose painting, "Flower People" was commissioned especially for the new wine. 

First of all, the label has its own originality: we wanted to affect as little as possible the work of the artist, and thanks to the intervention of the graphic studio Atelier 790, (our graphic office since 2013), we managed to affect as little as possible the work and to insert vertically the name of the wine and on the side the logo in relief, comments Romina Leopardi, Marketing and Communication Director Tenute Rubino.

The Sommelier concept from O-I Glass pairs innovative function with elegance design. Leopardi says the elements enhance the brand’s story and ability to connect with wine lovers.   

"The Sommelier bottle is beautiful - a very modern and contemporary interpretation. By putting together the new label design, the innovative bottle shape and the capsule design, we believe we have achieved the best possible result. The bottle's unique mouthpiece represents an additional new element, strengthening the first two and helping us to be distinctive on the market," Leopardi explains.  

"All the elements of the project as a whole speak of Tenute Rubino," says Leopardi. "They speak of us. It's a story about commitment and passion, and the Palombara estate sums it all up: everything revolves around beauty. We previewed it in Rome and Milan, and we had excellent feedback from customers: first impressions are very positive!"  

Palombara 2019, packaged in the Sommelier concept, demonstrates how O-I is innovating glass packaging to provide customers the solutions they need to build their brand and tell their story.  

Italy’s Tenute Rubino Debuts New Palombara 2019 Wine in O-I’s Distinctive Sommelier Bottle