Health & wellness

Premium Hydration

Water is the purest form of hydration. It’s healthy and it can be tasty too! Water is the most precious natural resource in our lives, and we are rethinking how we could consume water in a better way.

Consumers are moving away from high-sugar and high-calorie drinks towards purer and healthier forms of hydration like water. But it’s not just about any water. They seek particular minerals, functional ingredients to suit varying lifestyles or occasions.

Consumers increase their focus on the functional benefits of enhanced water. It taps into the original reason why people drink water: health. Vitamin-, alkaline- or electrolyte-enhanced waters are grabbing the consumers’ attention and have great potential for further growth.

To get the purest product possible, water should be packaged in glass. Not only is it recyclable, tasteless and healthy, but it also gives a premium look and feel to the product.