Château Citran

Château Citran is located on the left bank of France’s Bordeaux wine region dating back to the 13th century. The region is rich in wine growing areas and Château Citran intends to keep the land pristine and prosperous by focusing on sustainable agriculture and other environmentally-friendly practices. Their new wine bottle captures the brand’s refined story as well as its commitment to nature. 

Château Citran partnered with O-I Glass to create distinct new packaging to differentiate itself from fellow wine producers in the storied region. w wine bottle draws in consumers with a visually stunning and tactile experience.  The bottle features a gorgeous embossing of a peacock, Château Citran’s emblem, across the upper part of the packaging. 

The bottle also supports Château Citran’s commitment to the planet in several ways. Not only is it lighter at 500g, but it’s made of 80% recycled glass. The gorgeous new bottle is also a circular economy success story: it’s produced by the master glass makers at nearby O-I Vayres, which is less than 60 km from the winery. 

“We really felt supported, from the first models to the finished product,” says Sophia Sanchez, General Manager of Château Citran. “We appreciated the design team and the creative work that O-I demonstrated.” 

For more than 100 years, O-I has transformed glass packaging. The partnership with Château Citran highlights how O-I specializes in capturing brand’s stories through glass while also helping them reach their sustainability goals through innovation.  

 Château Citran