Old Nick

Welcoming, warm and caring, Old Nick Limited Edition 2021 Rum represents Caribbean culture in all its richness and diversity. The brand partnered with O-I: EXPRESSIONS to create packaging that embodies its story.

Old Nick’s origin lies in the heart of the French West Indies, witnessing the mix of cultures, identities, stories, trends and tastes. In 2021, Old Nick decided to celebrate the fundamentals of its identity by creating a festive and colorful limited-edition bottle inspired by early Caribbean designs mixed with urban art.

O-I’s design team develop the transformative packaging for the limited edition bottle. Old Nick’s Caribbean “joie de vivre” is expressed in warm, sunny colors on the bottle, decorated by O-I : EXPRESSIONSO-I’s innovative direct-to-glass printing technique. Nearly the entire bottle’s surface serves as a palette for the vibrant scene. When consumers interact with the bottle, they also experience an additional sensory boost in the form of the tactile, touchable artwork, courtesy of O-I : EXPRESSIONS RELIEF.

For more than 100 years, O-I has helped customers transform their food and beverage brands into icons. The cultural celebration captured by Old Nick’s limited edition packaging highlights how O-I specializes in telling brand stories, through glass, that engage and delight consumers.

    • Full body decoration
    • Precise printing of small fonts
    • Matching brand pantone colors
    • Increasing the surface available for brand messaging
    • Integration of logos & key brand message
    • Thousands of CMYK colors, with the option to include spot colors
    • Reproducing graphical designs and other artworks on glass bottles
    • High-definition printing
    • Activating consumers by the sense of touch
Old Nick

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