Joseph Castan Launches Premium Crocodile Dandy Rosé in ‘Mind Blowing’ Wine Bottle

Winery Joseph Castan has released a premium Crocodile Dandy Rosé wine in a showstopping bottle designed by O-I Glass. The wine bottle looks like crocodile skin and is perfect for fine dining or a chic party. 

Joseph Castan describes its Crocodile Dandy wine as “naturally elegant and refined,” perfect for either fine dining or a chic party — and its extraordinary glass packaging completes its show-stopping shelf appeal. The cutting-edge "crocodile" bottle is unmistakable and designed with intention - the playful glass design invites young consumers to celebrate. 

The family-owned French wine company has released a premium red and rosé Costières de Nîmes duo, celebrating its namesake city’s history.

“My aim was to produce a premium quality Costières de Nîmes wine in a very eye-catching bottle which would encourage consumers to try it,” said Vianney Castan, who owns  Joseph Castan winery with his wife. 

The family-owned French wine company is transforming its brand. By shaping the vineyard toward premium rosé wine and investing in packaging and marketing, they’re attracting positive attention toward the region. Castan, by investing in such sophisticated packaging crafted by O-I Glass, is proving their Costières de Nîmes rosé can also be premium. 

A blend of Syrah and Grenache, the 2021 vintage rosé is crafted in the Provence style using direct-to-press technique to retain the purest, palest pink hue with blueish tints imparted by the Syrah.  

Castan ultimately chose O-I to produce the intricate, crocodile-skin design for an attention-grabbing packaging that’s just as show-stopping as the 2021 vintage rosé wine inside.  

Nîmes was founded by Romans 2,000 years ago, with an emblem of a crocodile chained to a tree. The soldiers who settled the land, given to them by Julius Caesar, had served Caesar in his conquests on the Nile. The chained crocodile is a symbol you’ll see all around the city and in the surrounding Costières de Nîmes vineyards.

O-I’s design capabilities produced this bottle that’s more than glass packaging – it's a work of art – demonstrating how brilliantly glass brings brand stories to life to illuminate a brand’s image. The expertly crafted glass bottle makes Castan's Crocodile Dandy a  show-stopping bottle worthy of such a fascinating history – and of accompanying celebratory moments. O-I Glass uses The Wheel of Motives™, a key tool to show how biology and neuroscience shape consumer behavior and applies it to glass packaging design.  

“The brand is truly at an intersection between authenticity, with 2,000 years of history, and modernity with a bottle that genuinely blazes the trail,” recounts Castan. And it’s all capped off with the "mind-blowing bottle which puts it in a league of its own.” 

The unique design is modern and appealing to young wine lovers - it's the perfect invitation to a chic party. 

Joseph Castan Launches Premium Crocodile Dandy Rosé in ‘Mind Blowing’ Wine Bottle