The Catalyst Collection

O-I's new collection captures the character of brands and embodies them in a physical shape. These bottles spark an emotional connection with consumers that create lasting brand loyalty.

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O-I & F.X. Matt Partnership

Competition is bigger than ever on the beverage shelf. To stand out, consumers demand more than interesting flavors – they're looking for premium. Drinktainer is a glass packaging innovation delivering premium design and exceptional beverage taste, all made possible in the aisle with our contractor packaging partnership -- taking beverage innovation speed-to-market to another level.

This new partnership between O-I and F.X. Matt Beverage Company removes obstacles to get you in premium glass packaging quickly.

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Drinktainer™ To-Go

To Go 2.0 - Premiumize your customers’ to-go experience. The DrinktainerTM delivers the ultimate drinking experience – but it is also the perfect vessel to elevate to-go experiences, allowing consumers to take the on-premise experience home with them. Solve a problem your customers didn’t know they had by elevating their to-go options.

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Our latest innovation technology, Drinktainer™, is a total package solution that disrupts the shelf and meets consumers’ preferred consumption experience. The larger finish unlocks aroma, heightens freshness, flavor, and improves mouthfeel, resulting in an enhanced sensory experience.

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A new service that combines the integral benefits of glass with an agile, marketing-focused capability.
Enhance how your consumers experience your brand by sculpting your glass packaging into brand-building multidimensional works of art.



Our Covet™ Classics Collection was created with your needs in mind, allowing small orders, quick deliveries and faster speed to market.

Covet™ brings the best of O-I's global capabilities, including custom glass design and decoration, a collection of classic O-I bottle designs and O-I's innovation portfolio to help high-end brands seize market opportunities.

The covet collection

My Pour. My beer. My experience.

Whether a little froth or lavish whitecap, for beer lovers the foam says a lot about the beer. But why not create an even more memorable, and customized, experience?

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Internal embossing

Internal embossing offers brand-owners the chance to create a unique point-of-interest difference through the use of innovative packaging that will capture the attention of consumers in an increasingly cluttered market.

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It can be done

Michael J. Owens

Innovation is equal parts inspiration and collaboration. That’s why O-I has built a world-class, state-of-the-art glass pilot facility that brings together research and development, product design, engineering and commercial expertise under one roof to bring you as many product and process innovations as possible.

Rooted in consumer insights, shaped by brand owners’ needs, inspired by the world we live in, our product innovations aim at helping build a lasting brand experience for your consumers.