The Infinite Bottle

The power of imagination makes us infinite


Consumers everywhere are concerned about recycling, and sustainability. Glass is unique in its infinite recyclability, and ‘purity’ – drinks taste better in glass.

Many of today’s consumers are highly aware of design – choosing products and brands with a clear design ethos. To capture the imagination of these consumers, bottle and brand design is as important as the quality and innovation of the product.

Infinite - the new concept bottle for brand owners and drinks producers with no limits to the power of their imagination.

Innovation, Inside & Out

Created by students at Auckland’s Unitec Institute of Technology the new Infinite concept demonstrates how perfectly design can enable business. Matching the needs of industry for a glass bottle that matches the innovation of producers. And expressing consumer needs for ‘cool’ packaging that reflects their aspiration when choosing products that support a healthy, sustainable and conscious lifestyle.

Design Thinking

Reinforcing the infinite recyclability and sustainability of glass, the design concept incorporates a message inherent in the design. These messages are integral to the bottle design, and serve to reinforce the integrity of the glass itself, and the beneficial nature of the contents.

Unique Bottle Shape & Size

The design references traditional apothecary and herbalist jars with a distinctly refined 21st century interpretation.

The 300ml size is market-ready, meeting consumer demand for small single serves of the new health elixirs that come in all flavours and colours, and look and taste so much better in glass.

Partners to help sustain your promise

Producers and brand owners are responding to consumer aspirations with more choice and innovation in healthy beverages. They need a single serve small bottle that reflects the product; one that is ‘cool’, designed, distinctive and able to carry a wide range of brand concepts – from minimalist apothecary to retro hipster.

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