Has Lagunitas Rolled Out the Future of To-Go Beers?

December 03, 2020

If you’re a brewery lover who is staying close to home these days, you’re going to be fascinated by the innovative way Lagunitas’ Taproom in Petaluma, California, is helping beer lovers take the beer flight experience home. The brewery is rolling out something they call “Flight Packs.” It works a little like a growler – filled with fresh draft beer straight from the tap at the brewery — but with more flexibility.

Beer lovers who have a hard time choosing which beers to take home will love this. Lagunitas’ Flight Packs are six 10-ounce glass containers with a cool rip cap. The Flight Pack gives beer lovers more options for fresh draft beer to-go. Instead of having to choose just one or two draft beers to put in one or two 32- or 64-ounce growlers, you can select a Lagunitas Flight Pack with half a dozen different 10 oz. beers from the Petaluma Taproom. Think of it like a take-home six-pack of draft beer!

The glass containers are an innovative, fresh design by O-I Glass called the Drinktainer™. One cool feature is the wider opening that replaces the traditional slimmer opening of a longneck beer bottle. A wider opening allows the ever-important aromas to travel from the beer to you, which closely resembles the experience of drinking from a glass.

Lagunitas announced Flight Packs on its Petaluma Taproom social media channels, and fans were instantly fascinated by the idea of taking home six 10 oz. portions of draft beer.

“Well this is amazing!” one fan responded on Instagram.

“What a brilliant idea. I always have a hard time choosing just one or two beers to go. Now I can take a bunch,” said another on Facebook.

If you live near Petaluma, check out the taproom’s Facebook and Instagram channels for details on how you can take home an innovative Flight Pack of your own. (Now that we think about it, they also make for great beer gifts.)

For more than 100 years, O-I Glass has been leading the way to transform glass packaging. If you're a brewery interested in discovering more about the innovative Drinktainer™, reach out to O-I's team.