October 27, 2020

O-I : EXPRESSIONS has been named the winner of the 2020 Silver Nut, a prestigious packaging innovation award as part of the De Gouden Noot (The Golden Nut) contest. 

Winners were announced during a streaming award presentation Oct. 8. O-I : EXPRESSIONS was one on the 10 finalists from 37 entries. Melianthe Leeman, O-I Global Innovation Platform Leader, together with Claud Klaarmond-Nuus, Account Manager Benelux, had the opportunity to give a virtual presentation on Oct. 7 to the judging panel. Using “Inspiration” by Gabriel Meffre as its case study for the contest, the presentation highlighted O-I : EXPRESSIONS ability to bring unique brand building, extreme flexibility, sustainability, and speed2market. Judges were impressed by O-I : EXPRESSIONS RELIEF, the 3D printed embossing, and the added value for customers.  

“I want to thank the entire team at O-I that was behind this as well as our customers who have worked with us already to create amazing packaging designs for their brands,” Leeman says. “Finally, I’d also like to thank the jury members as we had a chance to engage and explain the value this innovation brings to packaging and the brands.”  

Since its inception in 1958, Packaging Innovation Contest De Gouden Noot has developed into the world's most competitive packaging contest. With De Gouden Noot, NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre stimulates ”holistic” innovation in packaged products and packaging. The contest owes its name to the unique winner's trophy containing a solid gold walnut, a symbol of sustainable, effective and innovative packaging. Winning brings significant worldwide fame, both ‘online’ and ‘physical’ through leading packaging exhibitions and events.