O-I Talks Glass Benefits with Packaging Europe

July 30, 2020

Glass has clear benefits for both the planet and for people. A new video published by Packaging Europe featuring O-I gives our company an opportunity to talk about how we are working to win the fight for glass. 

Did you know 74% of European consumers believe glass is the most environmentally friendly packaging solution? Did you know the U.S. Food and Drug Administration deems glass packaging “Generally Recognized as Safe”? Those are two of the many facts Marie-Laure Susset, Global Integrated Communications Senior Leader at O-I Glass, lays out in the new video.  

Susset also shares strides O-I is making toward our sustainability goals as well as how we help our customers work towards theirs. Watch the full video to see more about why O-I believes glass is the kindest packaging option for the planet and its people, and how it’s helping brands stand out on the shelves.