Aguacana - L'ode au Brésil

Cachaça, a symbol of national identity in Brazil, is a distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice. Most frequently consumed in the popular Caïpirinha cocktail, it recalls its country of origin, Brazil, a land of relaxation, diversity, music and pleasure.

Aguacana is the leading brand on the French cachaça market. As this spirit drink is emerging in France, the brand team from Bardinet decided to raise curiosity among consumers by creating a festive and colorful limited-edition bottle inspired by its Brazilian roots. The goal was to reinforce the brand image and make a packaging that would stand out on the shop shelf in the same time keeping the brand identity. Aguacana was looking for a direct-to-glass printing solution that could have unlimited and bold colors for their design so naturally they reverted to the O-I : EXPRESSIONS team to bring their design to life.

A colorful salamander, the emblematic icon of the brand, is printed as the eye-catcher on the front of the bottle. Vivid red that shows up on the salamander’s back is accompanied with bright yellow, green and blue, the colors of the Brazilian flag. The 360° decoration that covers almost the entire surface of the packaging evokes the tropical Brazilian rainforests. To make the brand’s name stand out it was printed in O-I : EXPRESSIONS RELIEF, O-I’s patent-pending solution to 3D print embossed features on bottles, providing the consumer a unique tactile experience. The limited-edition bottle design received a very warm welcome and positive reviews by Aguacana’s customers.

    • Full body decoration
    • Increasing the surface available for brand messaging
    • Precise printing of text & fine graphical details
    • Activating consumers by the sense of touch
    • Integration of Logos & Key Brand message
    • Full body decoration
    • High-definition printing
    • Precise printing of small fonts
    • Matching brand colors
Aguacana - L'ode au Brésil
Aguacana Cachaca Comp

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