Alumni Whisky Series

When Two Canadian Traditions Come Together in one Bottle

Corby Spirit and Wine Limited , a Pernod Ricard Company, released a new limited edition Canadian whisky honoring some of Canada’s most admired retired professional hockey players. The J.P. Wiser’s brand partnered with the NHL Alumni Association (“NHLAA”) to infuse the “playing styles” of Wendel Clark, Lanny McDonald and Guy Lafleur into their own unique whiskies. What resulted, was a lineup of regionally exclusive, limited-release whiskies, bottled in O-I Covet Harmony designed bottles, made in Soacha, Colombia.

Alumni Whisky Series

O-I has an excellent selection of premium glassware in their Covet Classics line. We chose O-I’s Harmony bottle for the Alumni series because it is produced using cosmetic flint glass which is extra clear allowing the true color of the liquid to shine through. The extra thick glass base along with the flowing body contours and bulbous neck gives the impression of a sturdy yet refined, premium look. It aligns well with the Alumni series products based on the highly respected hockey legends being represented.

Louis Bondy Manager New Product Development, Pernod Ricard

The Alumni Whisky Series is a way for the brand to pay tribute to the long-standing history of hockey and whisky in Canada. “Thanks to our great partners at the NHLAA and our fantastic Canadian whisky team, what resulted was the Alumni Whisky Series, a unique way to collect and own a piece of history," said Derek Wagner, Assistant Brand Manager, Canadian Whisky, at Corby Spirit and Wine Limited.

The first release of whiskies in the Alumni Whisky Series include players:

  • Wendel Clark – A 100 percent rye whisky, aged in bourbon barrels for eleven years that’s bold and tenacious, just like Wendel's personality on the ice. This whisky features notes of orange honeysuckle and dried fruits with a peppery finish.
  • Lanny McDonald – A nine-year old wheat-forward blended whisky, aged in Canadian and virgin oak barrels. Whether you have a moustache or not, you can enjoy whisky that’s as well-rounded as Lanny’s game, with notes of apricots and fresh honey.    
  • Guy Lafleur – A 10-year old, 100 percent corn whisky, aged in Speyside, bourbon and rum barrels, leaving a smooth and delicate body reminiscent of "The Flower" gliding through the neutral zone. You'll notice honeycomb toffee, caramel and vanilla on the nose.

Proceeds received by the NHL Alumni Association will be invested back into local hockey initiatives across Canada and also to support the retired player community. The first three player releases of the Alumni Whiskey Series are only available for a limited time in select Canadian providences.

We are excited to partner with our Global customer, Pernod Ricard, on this special project for Corby Spirit and Wine Limited.

Colleen Hanley Covet Spirits O-I NA

*Photo credit: Alumni Whisky Series