Lee Kum Kee

Customised message

To mark the 130th Anniversary of Lee Kum Kee, O-I developed a commemorative & exclusive bottle for their leadership team. Every bottle was personalised, including well-wishes and words of blessing from O-I to Lee Kum Kee as they commemorated this important milestone in their corporate history. The vibrant mix and richness of colours, together with a curated message is a good example of how O-I : EXPRESSIONS enable personalized gifting.

  • Gifting
    • Personalizing each package & message
    • Commemorative design with a dedicated message
    • Special artwork for exceptional occasion 
  • Aesthetic
    • Thousands of CMYK colors, with the option to include spot colors
    • Precise printing of Texto & fine graphical details
    • Match brand pantone colors
    • Reproducing graphical designs and other artworks on glass bottles
    • High-definition printing 
  • 360° brand messaging
    • Full Corpo da Tabela decoration
    • High-definition printing
    • Precise printing of small fonts
    • Matching brand pantone colors
    • Increasing the surface available for brand messaging
    • Integration of Logos & Key Brand message
Lee Kum Kee

Unleash your creativity with O-I : EXPRESSIONS

A new service that combines the integral benefits of glass with an agile, marketing-focused capability.
Enhance how your consumers experience your brand by sculpting your glass packaging into brand-building multidimensional works of art.