TA by Tierra Aranda

Tierra Aranda is a Spanish winery founded more than 50 years ago as a family project. Thanks to many partners contributing their knowledge and wisdom, the company has surpassed its objectives to an astonishing level granting a unique personality to create different and special wines.

In 2020 they decided to introduce a new product, ‘ta’, the fruit of collaboration between all the employees of the winery. ‘ta’ is a recently elaborated wine that is completely different from the traditional rosé. Because of the direct pressing after just a few hours of maceration and a long storage in concrete tanks it acquires a refined and elegant taste.

As Tierra Aranda cares a lot about environment, the bottle for their new wine not only needed to attract consumer’s attention but also to be 100% recyclable. For this reason, they chose a bottle in an unusual blue color and decided to eliminate the traditional label, replacing it with a stylish white digital printing directly onto the bottle. The other important factor for the company is corporate social responsibility, so they decided to donate a percentage of ‘ta’ sales to the Spanish Red Cross, given the current challenging situation.

The creation of the bottle for this special wine was possible thanks to O-I : EXPRESSIONS. This unique solution of personalizing glass allowed to create a captivating and at the same time minimalistic design, while being fully sustainable. The company decided to keep it simple – the name of the wine is written in white lower case, ‘ta’, that immediately stands out of the deep blue background.

“It seemed to me that the lower case had more suggestive and attractive curves” says Miguel Martínez Delso, one of the designers of the packaging “I love the texture, the design, the bottle and its color, being able to read the letters almost by touch thanks to O-I : EXPRESSIONS. It turned out really well”.

    • Usage of organic UV inks, no heavy metals
    • No impact on recyclability and safe for the environment
    • Integration of logos & key brand message
    • Precise printing of text & fine graphical details
TA by Tierra Aranda

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