Vattanac Embodies the Dragon with New Beer Launch

Vattanac Launched Dragon Premium Dark Beer in embossed glass packaging - technical design by O-I BJC Malaysia for a touch to a taste of Cambodia's Dark Beer. Product to perfection, rich taste but refreshing. 

Vattanac Brewery launched Dragon Premium Dark Beer in Cambodia – the first dark beer in Cambodia with raw materials imported from overseas but produced in country. Choosing “Dragon” as the name to symbolize supernatural power, strength and confidence as of Dragon when drinking Vattanac’s dark beer.

Vattanac wanted to develop something entirely fresh for the beer market in Cambodia – 330ml in glass, deeply flavorful yet light on the tongue. With a strong emphasis on craft, technique and ingredients, a superior beer that underscores Vattanac Brewery’s continuing commitment to quality. Glass bottle is a preferred choice to use as a premium packaging. 

Dragon beer is targeted as a premium dark beer and that glass bottle is a preferred choice to use as a premium packaging. Consumers like the embossments on the body of the glass bottle standing for “malt, hops, yeast and water” as four main ingredients inside the dark beer” explained Mr. Sam Ang Vattanac, Executive Director of the Vattanac Brewery. 

Glass ignites the senses. It preserves the taste of favorited beverages as intended. Start fun with taste and quality!

O-I BJC Malaysia supported Vattanac with the solution technology to create new marketing opportunity for the brand through customization and personalization by embossing glass – Design to transform glass bottle for driving brand story. Vattanac bottle is highly created to customize glass packaging at flexible volume and industrial speeds.  By embossing four elements on the glass bottle – Malt, Hops, Yeast, and Water as the four main quality ingredients inside the dark beer. This enables Vattanac to create premium products to gain memorable increasing awareness of taste and quality from consumers.

Vattanac Embodies the Dragon with New Beer Launch