Creating value.

Differentiate, premiumize, test new markets, create some buzz around limited editions.

Decoration offers many possibilities to further customize your packaging and bring to life the story you want to tell.



Screen printing is a direct printing process in ink, precious metal or enamels. High build possible. 
  • Very precise
  • Resistance to abrasion, corrosion and temperature variations
  • Large color choice 


Organic ink is sprayed onto all or a portion of the bottle.
Transparent coatings (or satin) UV can also be deposited.



High strength film shrunk to the container’s exterior, providing a 360° full body visual billboard, maximizing your product’s impact on the shelves.

Snow Grouse

Frosted Look

Chemical process on glass skin to modify its transparency in order to obtain a "frosted" appearance.

The satin finish is tactilely soft and visually mat. A cache can be applied upstream to create a reserve of etching.