Design Book

Our global design book celebrates glass design and glass designers, unheralded artists who bring the beauty and unmatched functionality of our products to life.

The book draws together more than 100 glass designs from around the world and the collection illustrates the beauty, versatility, brand differentiation, color, shape and decoration variations available in glass in a way no other packaging material can match.

Glass provides an emotional reach into consumers’ deepest needs. Its unique values – purity, quality, premiumness, sustainability, health – and its design versatility come together to create a tight bond between a unique consumption experience and the product and brand promise. Andres Lopez, O-I’s CEO says in the foreword to the book:

Many studies tell us consumers love glass. It’s their favorite package. Only glass evokes wonder: the pleasure as you pick up an ice-cold beer bottle, the craving as you open a jar of your favorite spread, the anticipation as you watch the sommelier uncork your champagne.

Andres Lopez CEO O-I
Design Book Composition

The book is more than selection of pretty pictures, it relates a narrative of brand image and consumer trends over recent years. It tells of the growth of craft, of premiumization, or of healthy hydration.