O-I : EXPRESSIONS Uses StealthCode Interactive Technology to Innovate On-Pack Messages

April 07, 2021

StealthCode is using interactive technology to disrupt how brands and consumers interact with messages on packaging, and they’re partnering with O-I : EXPRESSIONS to bring proof of concept to life.  

StealthCode is the solution, based on Digimarc watermark, that turns on-pack communication from static to dynamic by embedding a special and imperceptible code on the packaging. When consumers use a smartphone to unlock the code, they open a world of possibility for interacting with the brand. The application literally puts data at a consumer’s fingertips - from coupon codes to product information to allergy warnings. 

StealthCode partnered with O-I : EXPRESSIONS for its marketing activation. O-I : EXPRESSIONS is a late-stage differentiation and customization solution enabled by direct-to-glass digital printing (Internet Of Glass). The innovative service from O-I Glass helps brands create personalized glass packaging at flexible volume with a great range of color and design possibilities.

Thanks to the StealthCode, the printable surface can be optimally used for brand building integrating the necessary product information in the invisible code. As a proof of concept, the code was integrated  into the Arty Gin design by the O-I : EXPRESSIONS team. 

The elegant Covet bottle was the canvas for Carne Griffith's graphics, creating a true piece of art available in different color versions of each design and produced in one print run. Enriched with digital content hidden in the code, the bottle can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet to read all the information.

StealthCode has also been used by H2H Agency for Mercedes Benz project where the bottles decorated with O-I : EXPRESSIONS RELIEF were personalized to provide every customer an individualized experience. You can see the Mercedes Benz project here.

For more than 100 years, O-I Glass has transformed glass packaging for brands and consumers around the world. Partnering with StealthCode to innovate how consumers experience brands through interactive technology is another example of how O-I : EXPRESSIONS is helping brands tell stories through glass packaging.