O-I partners LuxePack Monaco to design sustainable awards

October 01, 2019

Innovative glass trophies exemplify responsible packaging

O-I has partnered with LuxePack Monaco to design the awards for the “LuxePack in Green” competition.

LuxePack Monaco is Europe’s premier creative packaging show for luxury brands. Today more than ever, sustainable development is at the heart of the expectations and challenges of consumers and luxury brands.

“LuxePack in Green” recognises the most sustainable packaging innovations and responsible initiatives undertaken by its exhibitors. The awards mark the culmination of LuxePack Monaco’s sustainable development session which took place on Tuesday October 1st.

All three awards are based around high quality, infinitely recyclable glass bottles, which embody the ultimate in packaging sustainability. They were created using the innovative O-I : EXPRESSIONS, a direct digital printing solution which enables brands to create highly personalized and customized glass packaging at flexible volume and industrial speeds.

The three awards are: 

Packaging Solution

The design for the Packaging Solution award symbolizes the impact packaging has on the planet and the people involved in the process. This is demonstrated by the world map made of strings, which connect all locations in every possible way. The bright gradients in the background illustrate the beauty that can be created when acting respectfully conscious of all involved resources.

Responsible Initiative

The design for the Responsible Initiative award is inspired by nature’s beauty but also demonstrates its fragility. The chosen bright shades of green symbolize an optimistic and fresh view on what packaging can be in the future.

Jury´s Special 

The Jury`s special award uses the so called “glitch effect” in its typography, which is trending in fashion and lifestyle advertisements. It brings a vibrant, yet very readable aspect to the design. It is framed by an embossed crystal cut, that close inspection reveals to be a detail of the original LuxePack pattern used in recent graphics. It creates a positive connection between LuxePack Monaco and the special nature of this award.