October 01, 2019

The themed “Summer in rosé” competition attracted design students and young graduates in France to participate in O-I’s first design competition – O-I : EXPRESSIONS Design Awards. Highlighting the inescapable role packaging plays in building brands, and showcasing the innovative late-stage differentiation capabilities O-I : EXPRESSIONS brings to glass packaging, this competition gave students the task to translate the theme “summer in rosé” onto wine packaging. 

Overall the competition aims to demonstrate that even a standard glass bottle can become a true representation of a brand by using the creative capabilities of O-I : EXPRESSIONS. The students were excited to set up their digital design, giving them unlimited freedom and the ability to design creative and innovative glass packaging. 

The competition was narrowed to 10 finalists in July by wine professionals via online voting.  The 10 entries were then judged by an elite six-member jury – composed of Germain Bourré, President of the jury (Designer and founder of Germ-Studio, Marc Perrin (Co-owner of Château de Beaucastel and Miraval-Provence), Laurent Fiore (CEO & Founder of Pink Rosé Festival by Beyond Exhibit), Franck Millot ( Director partnerships & special events at Paris Design Week), Claire Furet-Gavallet (journalist-oenologue at La Vigne and Vitisphere) and Pierre Monnier (journalist at Emballage Magazine). The winners of the first edition of the Design Awards were unveiled during Paris Design Week, the second week in September, a special time in the city when it’s full of creativity; a perfect way to highlight upcoming design talent in France. All 10 designs were recognized by O-I and displayed on the O-I stand during the entire week.

Lisa Faure, who designed the "Totten" project, and Jeanne Baverey designer of the "Evasion" project, were named winners of the first edition of the O-I : EXPRESSIONS Design Awards. Lisa Faure received the first-place award, taking home a cash prize for her creativity. She studies design at the Ecole Supérieure d'Art et Design in Reims. Totten, her project, highlights frost, a symbol of freshness and delicacy, comparable to tasting rosé in the summertime. The name Totten is a nod to the Totten Glacier in Antarctica tied to bringing awareness to global warming.

Totten is a project that evokes freshness while being part of an ecological and narrative consciousness. The innovative technology of O-I : EXPRESSIONS expresses itself with poetry and precision.

Germain Bourré President of the jury, Designer and Founder of Germ-Studio

Jeanne Baverey, a student at the School of Applied Arts of Burgundy designed "Evasion" and was awarded second place and an IPad for her efforts. The Evasion bottle offers a taste but also a visual and tactile experience. Its decor represents the seabed through patterns of algae. Jeanne used O-I : EXPRESSIONS technology to create visible openings to enjoy the decor on two different levels.  Evasion was the only design that used this 360-degree effect, so by looking through the bottle you see the front and the back designs.