O-I was awarded the Czech “Package of the Year 2019”

November 08, 2019

Our bottles for Republica Rum and for Stará Myslivecká Žitná dominated the “Beverages” category!

Last week, the official award ceremony of the “Package of the Year 2019” was held in Prague, Czech Republic. The tradition of the one and only certified competition in the packaging industry in the Czech Republic and Slovakia goes way back to the 70s and we are very pleased that we won again!  This time, O-I dominated the "Beverages" category and scored with two glass bottles! The award went to our Republica and Myslivecká bottles!

According to the expert jury, which evaluates mainly originality, innovation and design, our bottles were primarily selected for their innovative design approach and the great application of the story of both brands.

The bottle for “Republica Exclusive” rum, which was produced by the Stock company as a limited edition honoring the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia, captivated a jury especially for its non-traditional processing and the courage to depart from classic rum bottle designs.

The second awarded bottle – Stará Myslivecká rye – convinced the jury with its new design concept. According to the judges, the new packaging has managed to elevate this bottle and even the whole brand to a higher level.

Our main goal is to respond to the needs of our customers and ultimately the end consumers. I am proud that we managed to deliver on this promise and were again able to create something that resonated so well with the expert jury.

Jaroslav Holán Sales Director of O-I Czech Republic