Drusian prosecco

Drusian briefed O-I to develop a new customized bottle to distinguish its “Cartizze Superiore” wine from the competition.

Prosecco is characterized by bottles in oak color. O-I’s challenge was to produce an offering which stood out from the crowd without losing the visual cues which identify Prosecco to consumers.

The final design features a customized logo and script embossed onto the bottle. It is further differentiated by a distinctive “flattened” area along the body on both sides, which was especially created for an easy “grab and pour”.

Drusian prosecco

The new bottle is born from the need for exclusive packaging that would identify our company not only in the domestic market but also in foreign markets. Together with O-I and the Tree Design graphic studio, we created a bottle that makes sense of our dynamic and innovative wines, but also strengthens our bond within the wine tradition of Valdobbiadene, to which we are proud to belong.

Francesco Drusian Owner of Drusian